Migosi Family Hope Society works to end child abuse and neglect, to promote children’s rights, and identify opportunities for intervention before a child migrates to the street. It also provides socioeconomic empowerment to the families of these children.

Our vision: To empower vulnerable children living and working on the streets and assist them in realizing their full potential.

Location: The project is located in Kisumu City.

You want to discover more about us? Check out the different mission we are involved to:

IMG_0932Rehabilitation, education and reunification

The priority of MFHS is to provide a positive framework to each street child which encourages a change of behaviour and provides opportunity for them to make the most of their lives. It is important for MFHS to remove the child’s dependency on glue for reasons beyond the immediate health issues. Social implications include children becoming dependent on a ‘provider’ of this glue and a low standing in society; Long term implications from the childs use of glue to supress his or hers appetite includes less adequate physical development and a shortened attention span. So failure to remove this dependency has a negative impact on the second objective of MFHS here, education. MFHS wishes to equip all street children and where possible their families with the life skills necessary to live their lives as well as they can. The first stage to achieving this is to enrol them into an educational institution. In Kenya school fees are required for a child to attend school and raising the support to provide these fees is a fundamental task of MFHS. Where a child can be reunited with their family MFHS will actively aid that family as well as the child by tutoring the parents in economic sustainability and basic planning skills. If a child cannot be reunited with their family MFHS will look after them, providing a stable family environment, shelter and food.


IMG_0764Education for the less fortunate

Free Nursery school education is very important for those children with a limited opportunity to improve their future and that of their families. Focussing on the Ogango slum area of Kisumu this initiative targets the most underprivileged children. MFHS achieves this in partnership with organisations such as Community Seeds and aims to provide basic education and encourage early childhood development. The target age group is between the ages of 3 – 8 and the focus is on the development of language and number skills through education and social skills through games and songs. The ultimate objective is to provide adequate preparation for the children to sit and pass the exam to enter Class 1.


IMG_0638Women’s empowerment groups

There are 2 groups which MFHS is currently involved with and the focus with both is education and empowerment through income generation and microfinance.

  • One group is on ‘Kano Plain’ which is 20mins out of Kisumu and involves a group of HIV/+ women working with agriculture. They have received tutoring in running a business and currently sells rich to the neighbouring population. They split the profit between their own personal objectives and those of the business by buying more land so they can expand. An additional objective with this group is removal of a dependency on other members of society and the associated mental trauma of being a HIV/+ individual.
  • The other group is in ‘Gem’ which is 1hr from Kisumu. Having received business tutoring in their chosen field of Tailoring, they use of their profits to provide a continued supply of consumable materials and the means to expand their business, in addition to achieving their own personal objectives
  • Third group is in Manyatta in Kisumu which takes 10minutes from the main town centre. We teach the elderly to stay in unity and also provide them with the food since there is no one to take care of them. The manyatta women are hoping that soon they will have their own microfinance (table banking) scheme so as to improve their living standard.


clean upEnvironmental

Environmental project – waste disposal is a new-initiated project aiming at arousing environmental awareness in the community, breaking people’s littering habit and offering an alternative way of littering and burning trash in their own homes to deal with waste. We start working on one of the filthiest places in Kisumu, the Manyatta slum. Using the same strategy as Manyatta, we will keep any other places in Kisumu clean.


new chic pic1Income Generating activities

They are important for the development of the child and can include activities such as a poultry farm, dairy goats, art and jewellery sales. These activities occupy the child and shows them how to become a productive element of society by working for a living rather than stealing or begging. The child attends an income generating activity while they are waiting for a school placement.

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